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Psychotherapist, clinical social worker, author and guided imagery pioneer. She was quoted in Prevention Magazine, ”has been quietly creating an underground revolution among major healthcare institutions – hospitals, pharmas, insurance carriers and HMO’s - by persuading them to distribute guided imagery to the people they serve.” Belleruth could be considered the Mother of the self-help audiobook industry and has personally written and narrated over 60 titles.

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Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW, BCD

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Laura is sought after by Olympians, cutting-edge CEO’s, public figures, various professional athletes, prominent physicians, award-winning trainers, and parents. She has appeared on the Rachel Ray Show, and has been a guest on local television and radio shows across the country. Through these appearances, and working with clients, Laura teaches individuals how to utilize their minds to make lasting beneficial changes. In her book, The Power to Win, Laura explains how the use of hypnosis and NLP can easily help anyone conquer fear, build confidence, and obtain unprecedented success.

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Laura King, CHt, NLP, Life Coach, Sports Performance Coach

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Skye Winslow is an award winning journalist turned naturopathic doctor turned clinical hypnotherapist. Seven years after a 10-hour brain surgery to remove a tumor, Skye finds joy in helping others map their way to vibrant health and wellness as she continues her quest to do the same. Still suffering from profound dizziness due to the surgery, Skye believes guided meditation and self-hypnosis has contributed to her ability to work full time. Today she teams with leaders in the mind-body, integrative medicine movement to bring forward well-vetted, cost-effective therapies that can help people achieve their personal health and wellness goals - whatever they may be. In 2019, she founded the audiobook publishing company, featuring powerful guided meditations created by the nation's leading experts. Now, with these high-quality audiobooks, people truly can "Wake Up Smarter", "Wake Up Happier" and "Wake Up Healthier"!

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Skye Winslow, ND, CMS-CHt, CI, CNHP, PT

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