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Healing Trauma
Healing Trauma by Belleruth Naparstek
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Product Overview

This audiobook for healing posttraumatic stress was made with the help of trauma experts as well as sufferers of posttraumatic stress - combat veterans, survivors of motor vehicle accidents, criminal assault, domestic violence, traumatic grief, bombings, natural disasters, ICU stays and childhood sexual abuse, as well as those who witness, document and clean up after traumatic events - first responders, journalists, photographers, therapists and bystanders.

It is recommended by psychotherapists nationwide, and is distributed by the US military, Kaiser Permanente, the American Red Cross and the Mayo Clinic.

Empowering and effective, this guided PTSD audio program increases self-esteem, confidence and sense of self-worth, while it reduces distress and depression. A separate track of affirmations bolsters the PTSD treatment process with quick, positive reminders in a briefer format, which can be played while engaged in other activities, including driving.

For recent trauma, we suggest starting with the less intense, relaxation imagery for Healthful Sleep and Relaxation & Wellness then, once self-soothing skills are in place, (usually after daily use for 2-4 weeks), moving on to this PTSD audiobook. For people with more seasoned wounds, this program can work quickly and well.

Created by foremost guided imagery and trauma psychotherapist Belleruth Naparstek this audiobook was proven effective in several studies with sufferers of persistent trauma who were in need of effective PTSD treatment.

ISBN: 9481881605118

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