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Over the next few months, we'll offer a large variety of meditations. If you see one here you would like us to launch faster, drop us an email and let us know. Additionally, if there is a topic you have in mind that we can create for you, we'd love to hear your suggestion. 

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Your attitude toward yourself actually changes who you are and how you perform. This meditation will help you learn to expect good things.

Believe in Yourself

A little wine can kick start your evening relaxation but if you find yourself tossing away a bottle night after night, it may be time to take control of that alcohol habit.

Drink Less Wine

Chronic illness creates a number of difficulties and challenges, including the thought that you may or may not be able to regain what's been lost. This meditation opens a window to new possibilities.

Cope with Chronic Illness

A sweet tooth is actually a sweet habit. Just like any other habit you've developed you can learn to retrain your brain to enjoy foods with moderate amounts of sugar. 

Lose Your Sweet Tooth

They're going to do it anyway, so why not use downtime (at home or work) to actually help them: 

1. release stress 2. generate new ideas

3. rewire their minds for success!

Call us and let us design a winning program for your organization today!

Corporate Trainings

Some people mask their feelings with alcohol, or by using drugs, or engaging in other unhealthy habits. Others mask their unwanted  feelings with food. This medication will help you change that behavior.

Stop Comfort Eating

If you're ready to shift the bias in your diet from high carb, high sugar foods, towards a more balanced approach, this guided meditation will help calm your mind so you are not over complicating things while you continue to tweak your diet.

Low Carb Diet

When we are stressed and overwhelmed our resolve for discipline and self-control can wane. This meditation helps you to strengthen your inner resources so you can easily make wiser choices to help you succeed in the long-term.

Weight Loss Motivation

Self-motivation is a common issue for anyone who is given free rein over how they structure their time. But if it's becoming a serious problem for you and your to-do list is growing, this motivation will get you moving in the right direction.

Self Motivation Boost

When the problem exceeds acute care, our guided meditations can provide comfort for your patient's body and mind. Fears. Stress. Anxiety. Chronic Pain. Let us know how we can support your patients, employees, and your practice with custom guided meditations. 

Support for Your Patients

If you've fallen into the trap of having "just one more" or perhaps find yourself experiencing "just one more" of THOSE mornings, this guided meditation can help.

Moderate Drinking

You may find that you are able to fall asleep, however, staying asleep is an entirely different matter. Waking up can easily become a habit and if this is happening to you, it's time to retrain your brain for slumber.

Go Back to Sleep

Living your life for others is a very noble principle, but everyone has basic needs. If you find you are always at the end of your very long to-do list, it may be time to rethink your motivations and priorities and allow yourself to rise to the top.

Put Yourself First

If it's taking a little longer than expected to become pregnant, perhaps fertility stress is affecting your hormones in a negative way. This meditation is designed to help your mind relax while prepping your body to welcome a little one. 

Help Getting Pregnant

Coaches in every sport are beginning to understand the power of mindfulness and why negative self talk could influence additional wrong moves, behaviors or emotions when it's allowed to fester. For coaches who seek ways to unify their team and build coherence - guided meditation is clinically proven helpful. Let us design a program for your team today. 

Team Building

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