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Sometimes life can be too much for us. Whether it's a sudden deluge of major disasters, or the slow drip, drip, drip of steadily accumulating worries, there are times when life just wears us down. And what if you're not in any kind of a state to deal with them?

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Relieve Headaches

Designed for either muscular or migraine headaches, this research-proven guided meditation for head and neck pain can amplify the positive impact of headache medication, as well as provide stand alone headache relief for those suffering from chronic headache pain. 

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Ease Your Pain

This empowering audiobook has been found effective for many kinds of chronic pain management, for conditions as diverse as pancreatitis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasm, emotional pain, joint pain relief, headache, gastric distress and back pain.

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Exercise Motivation for Women

This guided meditation is filled with powerful suggestions and future orientation to help you mentally experience the emotional and physical effect of adopting a new set of patterns, and make them their own.


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The guided imagery for preparing for childbirth offers breathing techniques for labor, providing tools of suggestion for easing discomfort, focusing the breath and working with contractions. It generates increased trust in the body's inherent wisdom and awe for the miraculous process of giving birth. It's a natural, holistic, mind-body tool for anyone anticipating a pregnancy or expecting a baby, to help with the discomforts, anxieties and unwanted symptoms that can accompany this incomparable life experience.

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Manage Diabetes

This Overnight Learning audiobook for diabetes was made in consultation with diabetes educators, endocrinologists, and other medical specialists. It is endorsed and distributed nationwide by The American Association of Diabetes Educators, and dispensed to people with diabetes by endocrinologists, diabetes nurse educators, nutritionists, dieticians and other diabetes health providers, as adjunctive treatment, alongside other protocols and treatments.

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This powerful audiobook is promoted and utilized by the Mayo Clinic, Columbia Presbyterian, Johns Hopkins, UCSF and hundreds of other hospitals. Additionally, U.S. military installations use this program worldwide. 


Highly acclaimed, this audiobook is ideal for hip and shoulder surgery recovery and particularly helpful for the more difficult and extended process of knee surgery recovery. A separate music track can be played in the O.R., and the affirmations chapter focuses on healing during the recovery period.

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Relieve Stress

This popular audiobook for stress relief consists of four different exercises, each designed to produce a centered, balanced state of mind, uplift mood and restore a sense of focused calm. Written and narrated by noted expert and guided imagery pioneer, Belleruth Naparstek.

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No matter the reason for past failures, this guided meditation will help you talk to the part of your mind that keeps your heart beating, regulates your temperature and manages to create new skin every time you scratch yourself... all without any effort from you.

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Help with Depression

This Overnight Learning audiobook reduces depressive symptoms - negative thinking, loss of energy, excessive self-criticism, general discouragement, lack of motivation and loss of hope - and improves quality of life and sense of well-being.

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Exercise Motivation for Men

This guided meditation is filled with powerful suggestions and future orientation to help you mentally experience the emotional and physical effect of adopting a new set of patterns, and make them their own.


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Relief for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

For some, this audiobook for panic attacks has reduced the need for medication; and in some instances, it has even replaced it. By reframing sensations of terror to sensations of elation and excitement (physiologically not so different), this powerful and empowering guided imagery for panic attacks delivers the tools for not just managing panic attacks but overcoming them.

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This audiobook is expertly crafted to ease discomfort, reduce fatigue, enhance restful sleep, heighten energy and maintain emotional balance naturally, in the face of the frustrating and sometimes debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and made in collaboration with physicians, specialists and patients using, the latest research and cutting edge information on causes and treatment for fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic fatigue (CFS).

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Relieve Headaches

Tension headaches are horrible. Not only do they inflict pain, but they also make it difficult to concentrate. So, advice to relax your shoulders and neck can be very difficult to remember when a tension headache has you in its grasp. This audiobook can help.

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Dial Down Pain

This Overnight Learning audiobook delivers a profound effect on how we experience and manage pain. You'll learn how to shift your awareness and reduce, control, and even overcome the pain signals reaching your brain.

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Depression Relief

This Overnight Learning audiobook for depression can be used as a stand-alone therapy or an adjunctive treatment alongside more traditional approaches of psychotherapy and/or medication. It has even been found helpful to people dealing with bipolar illness.

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Relief for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Episodes of inappropriate anxiety and panic can sometimes occur when you’ve been experiencing high levels of chronic stress and anxiety or they can be triggered by a specific traumatic event. It’s as if the emergency response system of the body develops a hair trigger, like a car alarm that is too sensitive and goes off at inappropriate, unnecessary times.

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Help for PTSD

This audiobook for healing posttraumatic stress was made with the help of trauma experts as well as sufferers of posttraumatic stress - combat veterans, survivors of motor vehicle accidents, criminal assault, domestic violence, traumatic grief, bombings, natural disasters, ICU stays and childhood sexual abuse, as well as those who witness, document and clean up after traumatic events - first responders, journalists, photographers, therapists and bystanders.

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Shown to double the rate of successful abstinence in several University of Akron studies, this powerful audiobook helps people quit gradually or cold turkey. It can be used as a stand-alone therapy or work in sync with other programs, tools and techniques.

Positive encouragement to quit smoking naturally comes from imagining the lungs healing and toxins clearing from the body, while capacity grows each day for taking in more and more rich, energizing, life-giving oxygen.

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This soothing audiobook for medical procedures was designed at the request of Kaiser Permanente to help patients undergoing cardiac catheterization feel more relaxed and confident during their procedure.

We adapted it for use for a whole range of potentially uncomfortable or unpleasant procedures where it is necessary for patients to be awake - colonoscopies, needle biopsies, getting stitched, gynecological exams, intubations, extubations - anything where the patient's comfort can be improved by taking the anxious mind elsewhere.

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