Ready to break some bad habits or create some new wanted habits like being on-time or being more organized? This skillfully crafted audiobook can be played while awake or asleep, and can be applied to any behavior patterns you want to change.


The track list is as follows:

Introduction (5:36)

Creating Positive Change While Awake (27:43)

Affirmations (14:14)

Creating Positive Change During Sleep (26:34)


Repeated listening, once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks, ensures maximum impact.This exceptional program to break bad habits is written and narrated by noted psychologist and behavioral health expert Traci Stein, whose superb voice and expert content delivers some of the most powerful and effective tools for personal change in production today.


It is scored to the soothing music of Steven Mark Kohn and produced by the Cleveland Orchestra's impeccable sound engineer, Bruce Gigax.


The Awake Track encourages positive change through profound relaxation, visualization of completed goals, and a heartfelt sense of well-being, while the Sleep Track works towards creating healthy habits during deep, restorative sleep. A third bonus track delivers potent affirmations to further solidify the shift to creating good habits.  (74 min.)

ISBN: 9781935072133

Creating Positive Change

  • This Overnight Learning audiobook is perfectly designed for changing bad habits, such as nail biting, chronic tardiness, excessive TV watching, smoking and mindless eating, and instead provides a powerful boost for creating healthy habits, such as establishing a regular exercise program, healthier diet and regular sleep habits.

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