A favorite of therapists, pastoral counselors and grief support groups, this sensitive and psychologically sophisticated audiobook for grief combines healing imagery, powerful music and the most current understanding of the mind-body connection to support heathy coping with grief and loss.


The track list is as follows:

Introduction (6:03)

Guided Imagery (19:23)

Affirmations (22:46)


A separate track of affirmations for coping with loss provides these same empowering images and ideas, for those who prefer to use a briefer format that can be listened to while on the go or even while driving.


(50 min.)

Ease Grief and Loss

  • This Overnight Learning audiobook provides a powerful way of coping with loss naturally and holistically, helping to release sorrow and gently move beyond the pain of bereavement to grief recovery, in whatever way and for however long it takes each listener.

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