This superb audiobook by KRS Edstrom is a first-rate, state-of-the-art resource to help people with anxiety about air travel or even a flying phobia learn how to relax and overcome their fear of flying.


Edstrom's excellent, trustworthy voice, the well-scored music and thoughtfully inserted airport and plane noises amount to a first-rate production by a master of the art of relaxation and guided meditation.


Additionally, the tracks are segmented for each travel phase, helping people with flying phobia overcome their fear of flying step by step. At the same time, the tracks blend together easily for one complete meditation, for those who wish to work on their flying fears all of a piece.


Here's the track list:

Dress Rehearsal: Practicing Fear-Releasing Skills in the Days Before Your Flight (18:22)

Soothing Meditation for Boarding & Waiting: Calming Pre-Fligth Nerves for a Relaxing Trip (10:22)

Fearless Take-Off: Enjoying the Freedom of Birds (5:06)

In-Flight Relaxation Vacation: Transforming Fear to Tranquility (1:41)

Tension-Release Meditation: Releasing Fear from Your Mind and Body (6:01)

Breath Awareness Meditation: Staying Grounded in Your Breath (4:56)

Mindfulness Meditation: Your Own Private Retreat (12:33)

Relaxaing Visualization: An Enchanting Magic Carpet Ride (4:03)

Loving Kindness Meditation: Warming Your Heart and Soul (4:10)

Smooth Landing Meditation: Arrivng with Dry Palms and a Happy Heart (5:56)


(73 minutes playing time)

Fly Without Fear

  • By combining mindfulness, guided imagery and body awareness, this audiobook is perfectly suited to offer real help for fear of flying, and will gently relax the mildly worried, while skillfully desensitizing the totally terrified.

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