Most back pain is caused or exacerbated by stress. This audiobook gives you the tools you need to relieve stress and pain, discover and disconnect your triggers, start and end each day in the right frame of mind and body, and change behaviors that lead to re-injury.


The track list is as follows:

  1. Healing Your Back through Relaxation, Stress Management, and Guided Imagery (26:27)
  2. Greeting the Day in a Healthy Way (9:11)
  3. Evening Relaxation, Quieting, and Peace (12:21)
  4. Exploring the Roots of your Back Imbalance (30:48)

78 minutes

Healing Your Back

  • This very artfully designed Overnight Learning audiobook features four highly effective imagery and relaxation exercises designed to alleviate back pain, relieve stress and disconnect the triggers that lead to re-injury. 

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