This comprehensive, user-friendly audiobook for people challenged by tinnitus was written and recorded by pre-eminent Harvard health psychologist Carol Ginandes PhD.


Dr. Ginandes created her state-of-the-art series of 12 brief, powerful guided imagery exercises to help listeners reduce the intrusiveness of unwanted sound signals, such as ear ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, roaring or clicking, as well as ease the distress these perceived noises cause.


Her superb combination of voice, words, phrasing and pacing combine to deliver an impeccably constructed technique in her series of easy-to-follow mind-body exercises. Sessions are arranged as sequential building blocks that increase skillfulness and mastery over intrusive sounds. Frequent listening enhances the positive impact, whether by replaying the entire sequence or by choosing favorite tracks to work with repeatedly.


The track list is as follows:

1. Introduction (10:53)

  • About Tinnitus
  • About Hypnosis
  • How to Use This Program

2. First Practice Session (11:51)

  • Measure Your Level of Sound Intrusion
  • Modify Your Level of Sound Intrusion
  • Shifting Gears

3.Second Practice Session (18:52)

  • Create Inner Comfort
  • Reduce Sound Intrusion
  • Pair Key Words with Your Breathing
  • Shift Perspective

4. Third Practice Session (17:46)

  • Take a Reading of Your Sound Intrusion
  • Change Your Level of Sound Intrusion
  • Develop Rich, Multisensory Inner Scenes 
  • Use Sensory Discernment
  • Rehearse Your Future Progress


Listen to a sample and see for yourself why Dr. Ginandes’ work has been vetted and endorsed by professional providers and end-users nationwide.

Total Playing Time: 60 min.

ISBN: 9781935072287

Help for Tinnitus

  • This Overnight Learning audiobook offers comprehensive help for people challenged by tinnitus. It was written and recorded by pre-eminent Harvard health psychologist, Carol Ginandes PhD.

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