The late Chuck Leviton wrote and narrated some truly inspired guided imagery for each of the Twelve Steps, the classic protocol for an AA program. The imagery is unlike anything we’ve ever heard, before or since – original, inventive, and uniquely suiting each step.


His scratchy, authentic, unadorned guy-voice is kind, compassionate, direct, and utterly non-judgy. It’s clear he’s walked this road himself, wrestled his own demons, and came out the other side strong and peaceful, just like the title says.  


The truth is, these are pretty great mini-meditations for anyone committed to recovery from substance use, or any addiction or major challenge.  The average track is about 10-12 minutes, although some are longer, some shorter. 


Some people will want to skip over the “higher power” steps – that’s sometimes a reason people won’t attend an AA meeting.  Here, you can work with the ones you feel drawn to. And most people will be glad to have them as an accompaniment and supportive supplement to the Steps they’re working with at the time.


Unfortunately, Chuck passed away several years ago, and we had one heckuva time tracking down the rights to these audios. Years later, here they are. Our only regret is that we can’t tell him what a masterful job he’s done and what a joy it is to once again carry his work.


The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Introduction (8:46)
  2. Step 1 Imagery (12:33)
  3. Step 2 Imagery (9:56)
  4. Step 3 Imagery (12:58)
  5. Step 4 Imagery (12:36)
  6. Step 5 Imagery (10:12)
  7. Step 6 Imagery (10:31)
  8. Step 7 Imagery (13:40)
  9. Step 8 Imagery (11:19)
  10. Step 9 Imagery (13:56)
  11. Step 10 Imagery (14:17)
  12. Step 11 Imagery (8:54)
  13. Step 12 Imagery (9:18)
  14. Conclusion (4:22)

Total time 150 min.

Inner Peace, Outward Power

  • This Overnight Learning audiobook offers some truly inspired guided imagery for each of the 12 steps, the classic protocol for an AA program. 

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