This audiobook offers a series of guided mindfulness meditation by Dr. Traci Stein, a gifted psychologist and noted behavioral health expert who consistently delivers impeccable, impactful meditative guidance.


Dr. Stein’s brilliant, psychologically informed awareness meditations combine the best of classic contemplative meditation practice, state-of-the-art guided imagery and potent suggestions, so you can easily develop and maintain your own positive, easy-to-implement practice. 


The track list is as follows:

Introduction (4:29)

Breath Awareness (14:32)

The Gift in the Present (17:06)

Screen of Your Mind (12:19)

Affirmations (8:22)


Repeated listening enhances focus, allows us to perceive challenging thoughts and feelings from a place of healthy detachment, heightens our ability to be present and live more fully in the moment, and fosters feelings of calm well being.

(57 min.)

ISBN: 9781935072171

Mindfulness Meditations

  • This audiobook, written by psychologist Dr. Traci Stein, offers innumerable benefits including improved concentration, emotional resilience, remediation of pain, and much improved coping strategies.

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