This audiobook by mind-body pioneer Emmett Miller MD is a potent combination of guided imagery, positive suggestions and affirmations for help with preparing for radiation therapy and reducing the side effects of radiation treatment.


The track list is as follows:

Relaxation & Healing (6:02)

Healing Cancer (18:45)

Maximizing Radiation Therapy (23:57)


Guided imagery is a holistic, mind-body technique of soothing, positive words, images and music, designed for cumulative impact and increased benefit with repeated listening. For help with how to prepare for radiation therapy, how to manage treatment and how to recover quickly from it with minimal discomfort, listen frequently before, during and between treatments.

(48 min.)

ISBN: 9781881405979

Optimizing Radiation Therapy

  • This Overnight Learning audiobook was written and narrated by mind-body, holistic health pioneer, Emmett Miller MD.  The program's three tracks are impeccably designed to show you how to prepare for radiation therapy with carefully chosen words and music that enhance and inspire the natural healing capacity of the body.

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