Designed to help with allergy symptoms in the lungs, head, nasal passageways, digestive tract or skin, this carefully researched audio program, made in consultation with allergists and focus groups of allergy sufferers, can augment the positive impact of medication and more traditional approaches.


Here's the track list:

1. Introduction (3:00)

2. Guided Imagery (17:50)

3. Affirmations (17:34)


Guided imagery is a holistic, mind-body technique that consists of healing words and images, set to soothing music, to teach listeners how to treat an allergic reaction naturally. Repeated listening once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks and then as needed, ensures maximum impact.


Written and narrated by noted guided imagery pioneer and psychotherapist, Belleruth Naparstek, and scored to the exquisite, immersive music of Steven Mark Kohn, this Overnight Learning guided meditation for allergies was produced by the Cleveland Orchestra's Bruce Gigax. The combination of expertly layered narrative and calming music produces a natural form of hypnosis for allergies that works at the cellular, physiological and emotional level to reduce allergy symptoms, either alongside other treatments or as a stand-alone intervention.


A separate track of affirmations offers briefer versions of the same positive images and suggestions, to provide natural allergy relief in a way that requires less concentration, and therefore can be used on the go or even while driving.


Listen to an audio sample and see for yourself why this audio program became such a popular word of mouth resource among allergy sufferers, and is recommended by health care providers nationwide for alleviating allergy symptoms.

38 Min.

Reduce & Control Allergies

  •  This audiobook for natural allergy relief contains powerful suggestions, soothing guided imagery and empowering affirmations to reduce allergy symptoms, using the mind-body connection to help calm and treat an allergic reaction.

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