This gentle but powerful audiobook is especially helpful for those who have sabotaged their own best intentions during the daylight hours, or for anyone who feels they can use the extra help available in the extra-potent and receptive mind-state of sleep. A perfect companion to the Healthy Self-Compassion Meditations to Release Self-Criticism and Foster Self-Kindness, this program also serves as a stand-alone self-compassion building tool and sleep aid.


The track list as follows:

Introduction (3:59)

Self-Compassion During Sleep (75:23)


This evidence-based Overnight Learning mind-body resource was written and narrated by clinical psychologist and mind-body behavioral health expert Traci Stein, scored to the soothing ocean wave sounds of Tim Kahn, and produced by the Cleveland Orchestra's broadcast engineer Bruce Gigax.


Especially helpful for those whose Inner Critic tends to interfere with positive attitude change during the waking state, this popular meditation for self-compassion during sleep is the perfect marriage between Traci Stein's impeccable technique, psychologically sophisticated narrative, and soothing voice quality. In other words, while doing the deep and powerful work of buttressing a listener's positive attitude change, this audiobook will actually improve sleep quality, too.


Listen to an audio sample, read the reviews, and see for yourself why Traci Stein's popular recordings gets such consistent high marks and enthusiastic referrals from therapists, counselors, family and friends.

(79 min.)

ISBN: 9781935072225

Self-Compassion During Sleep

  •  This Overnight Learning audibook for sleep infuses mind, body and spirit with potent, healing messages to cultivate self-compassion while the listener is nourished by deep, restorative sleep. It was created to foster a more respectful, patient and forgiving relationship toward the self. 

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